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Re: How to close an open relay (exim3)?

In article <[🔎] 200501292026.53365.ggrubbish@web.de>,
gerhard  <ggrubbish@web.de> wrote:
>But there's another thing that appeared this afternoon while retesting 
>the situation:
># exim -bh
>**** SMTP testing session as if from host
>**** Not for real!
>>>> host in host_lookup? yes (*)
>>>> looking up host name for
>>>> IP address lookup yielded acb5cb70.ipt.aol.com
>>>> host in host_reject? no (option unset)
>>>> host in host_reject_recipients? no (option unset)
>>>> host in rbl_hosts? yes (
>>>> checking RBL domain blackholes.mail-abuse.org/reject
>>>> RBL lookup for failed
>>>> => that means it's not black listed at blackholes.mail-abuse.org
>I felt strange about the behavior of exim while I got a dial-up 
>connection to compuserve/AOL.

You tested a connection from AOL to your PC.

>Compuserve/AOL got an IP range from to 
>according to the whois database.
>Extract from the 1st section of my exim.conf:
>        rbl_hosts = !
>|---------------------------^^^^ ok should be, but 
>because of that it's even stranger, that AOL IP's matches. 
>        recipients_reject_except = postmaster@workgroup.home
>        host_accept_relay = : ::::1 :
>|-----------------------------------------------------------^^^ here you 
>can see explicit and not that address range from AOL 
> -

Well, matches so that's why it's being
tested for RBL. rbl_hosts = ! means
"all hosts except"


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