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Re: debian on sata disks

On Sat, 29 Jan 2005 07:24:24 -0800, Tom Brown wrote:

> I am using a vanilla 2.6.10 kernel with a Seagate SATA drive and Silicon
> Image controller. I ran into the pivot root problem when I used an initrd
> image.  So, I changed my config so that all necessary modules were
> compiled into the kernel ...

If you still want 2.4 kernel, and don't want to do the above compilations,
read on. 

My system is ASUS K8V-X mobo, AMD64 2800+, with a solo SATA hard drive.
Here are all the things that I've tested:

Knopix Live CD: works out of the box.
Knopix Live CD, HD installation: works out of the box for kernel 2.4, no
work for kernel 2.6.

The most exciting fact is that, Debian Testing works out of the box:

$ uname -rm
2.4.27-1-386 i686

Ubuntu also works out of the box.

NB, by "out of the box" I mean that I don't need to twist anything in
order to make it works. 

Hope you are also lucky with the above


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