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Re: [ltp] [SOLVED]T40 ACPI and radeon. Thank you.

Bob Alexander <bob@ngi.it> writes:

> After having approx 4800mW/h in sleep to RAM mode, now on 2.6.11-rc2
> with quite a few patches I have went down to only 395mW/h when
> measured off the expansion unit durinf a 40 min experiment.
> Also suspend2 on HDD (aka hibernate) works perfectly.


It would be wonderful if you could a) summarize everything you've done
in a HOWTO to make it easier for the next guy who is brave enough to
take the trip, and b) ensure this work gets folded into the mainline so
that everyone can benefit from your work. Since I'm a Debianite too,
posting some well-placed Debian bugs--if you haven't done so
already--would be the ticket.


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