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Re: Backup Solutions

On Fri, 28 Jan 2005, George App wrote:

> I recently purchased a Dell 1750 server.  I plan to install Debian on 
> it.  What are some good removeable backup media backup solutions.  The 
> server will primarly be used for central file storage/sharing and printing.

4GB or 8GB backup on a dvd ..

or buy some (cheap) tapes and expensive drives and good head cleaners

or use a 2nd server[s] with lots of disks space too as a live backup
	( my preference .. good for up to 100TB live backup per 42U rack )

or ... use your imagination ( requirement ) for what is "some good
   removable backup solutions"
	- you obviously have some ideas in mind

free backup scripts and methodologies and other whackyness

c ya

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