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Re: debian-user-digest Digest V2005 #244

Eike Kettner wrote:

On Wed, Jan 26, 2005 at 05:06:54PM -0500, Marc Shapiro wrote:

Now I have a new problem -- the file size. 4+ MB for 25 seconds in Sun .au format, which is what the java player that I found wants.

The size of the file depends on what quality you are recording with
(channels, resolution - 16bit,24bit etc) - less quality results in
smaller files. for internet exchange I suggest mp3 format since it is very small and
there is a java player available that plays mp3 files (check out:
http://www.javazoom.net). So you can write a java applet that plays the
mp3 file provided by your server.

I tried reducing the sample rate and using only one channel, but the sound came out horrible. Not at all acceptable.

I looked at the two java players at the above site, but the playback was jumpy. Am I wrong to assume that mp3's can be streamed acceptably on a 56K dialup connection?

Also, I have looked at AudioCentric. Has anyone had experience with this player? I can use it once, but then it decides that it can not access the audio device and will not play any more, unless I wait several minutes between the time the playback ends and the time I ask it to restart. Is this a configuration problem on my end, or is this bug (which they do mention on the javaboutique.com site) really that much of a problem?

I really need to get reliable sound for this site. The site owner is very adamant about this. He also wants PowerPoint presentations and video, but I will cross those bridges when I come to them. :(

All help appreciated.


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