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Re: Getting netgear MA101 adapter


I recently installed debian sarge, kernel version 2.4.27, and had a
pretty painful time getting my USB WLAN adapter (MA111) to work.
Ultimately I had to download the 2.4.27-2-386 version packages for the
kernel and linux-wlan-ng, and had it working in 30 mins!!! All I did
was install the packages using aptitude and got a script off the web
that does the wireless configuration (for MA111) and I was done! So if
the kernel version doesn't bother you, maybe you could give this a


On Thu, 27 Jan 2005 02:55:01 -0800, Michelle Schwager
<michelle@coherentminds.com> wrote:
> Hi, I'm trying to get my usb Netgear MA101 adapter to work on my Debian
> Sarge with 2.6.8 kernel.  It's been very frustrating because any time I
> want to do something useful, I have to boot into XP... (burning cdrom,
> internet, etc), then back into linux.
> 1.  lsusb shows the adapter is plugged in
> 2.  iwconfig and all its various options does not show the adapter
>       lsmod does not show anything about an atmel-whatever driver being
> loaded
>      driver does not seem to be on sarge cd-1 or cd-2
>          downloaded the driver from
> http://atmelwlandriver.sourceforge.net/downloads.html
>          Copied file to USB flash keychain to load in linux.
>                FAT is not supported in kernel, so can't mount keychain
>                      Burned CD with patch and drivers
>          doesn't compile due to some /usr/src/module (I think) not
> being available.  I think it means I need the kernel source.  Good time
> to fix FAT not being supported. Also, atmel driver instructions say
> something about a patch and/or recompiling usb.c.  Ok so I need the sources.
>                  apt-get install kernel-source
>                        doesn't work.  Found kernel source 2.6.9 on
> debian site.
>                        Burn to CD.
>                        make menuconfig
>                            needs ncurses-dev
>                            can't find it.  Apparently it's named
> lib5ncurses5-what-the-frick-devel.deb
>                                    apt-get install what-the-frick (from
> the sarge CD) of course doesn't work
>                                         download off the debian site,
> burn to CD
>                                         install curses5-dev or whatever
>                        'make menuconfig' works, compiled new kernel
> with "reasonable" settings (including FAT and wireless drivers)
>                               GMX2000 driver has booboo, compile stops.
>                                     redo kernel config and disable
> GMX2000 driver
>                                     kernel compiles
>                        Copied vmlinux to /boot/vmlinux-2.6.9-1-586
>                        Added entry in grub menu, a copy of the
> "recovery" line put there during install.  This includes 'single' in the
> entry
>                        Dosen't boot -- something about error 13.  I
> figure it's the kernel setup
>                               Copy original config file from original
> install from /boot directory, and make sure wireless drivers are enabled
> and GMX is disabled.
>                               Compiles again
>                                     Doesn't boot, error 13  I figure
> it's the 'single' entry.
>                                     Boots further along, but it looks
> like I need a good initrd.
>                                           copy old initrd since I
> didn't see one magically made for me, and (gosh!) the initrd.txt file in
> the /usr/src/kernel/documentation directory really doesn't say jack
> about how to get an initrd file working if you really need one.  Lots of
> general high-minded stuff, but no step-by-step.
>                                           Boots further along, then
> says something aboun insmod, modules this, that, etc.
> I apologize for not having all the errors exactly written out.  I'm
> writing this email in XP and there was far too much to document....
> SO... am I on the right track?  Do I need to fix all these stupid BS
> problems or is there a better way to get my stupid wireless ethernet
> adapter working?  I have not found any useful documentation online.  Any
> and all non-elitist "RTFM" help is very much welcome.
> thanks
> michelle
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