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Re: Gnome Feel & Operation..

Stef & Sue Daniels wrote:
I have just installed Ubuntu, after reading quite a bit about it..


Is there a reason why I had to physically install KDE after installation to use it, as apposed to having a choice of desktop?

I'm a bit lost. Are you asking why Ubuntu installs Gnome but not KDE by default? That would be a question you should ask on an Ubuntu mailing list, not a Debian list. (Ubuntu is derived from Debian, it isn't part of the Debian project.)

If you question relates to Debian, then I'm still lost. Its been a while since I installed it from scratch, but as I recall, it doesn't install either KDE or Gnome by default, but tasksel (or apt-get) lets you pick either, neither, or both.

David Dorward <http://dorward.me.uk/>

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