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Re: Simple sound recording? -- New Problem

Eike Kettner wrote:

hi marc,

On Wed, Jan 26, 2005 at 10:57:26AM -0500, Marc Shapiro wrote:

Can someone tell me how to get either of these working, or suggest another program that will do this very simple task?

you need a patch cord and anything that outputs some music to record
(like a cassette recorder) and of course a working soundcard ;) I
actually can't help with your record problem, but i found some good
programs for recording sound:
	- audacity (http://audacity.sourceforge.net/)
	- ardour (http://ardour.org/)
there are debian packages for both of them

Actually, I solved my recording problem. The Microphone was apparently bad. Once I recorded a sample and played it back through the patch cord everything worked fine.

Now I have a new problem -- the file size. 4+ MB for 25 seconds in Sun .au format, which is what the java player that I found wants.

I am doing a web-site for a friend. He wants streaming audio when the page loads. I want it to work regardless of what browser is being used, or what OS. I also would like it to be usable through a dial-up connection. My friend couldn't care less if it is only usable on a broadband connection to M$ IE. Since he is paying me good money for this, I may just have to do it his way, if I can't find a way that is more universal.

Does anyone know of a universal way to play back streaming audio which uses a compressed file format and does not pop up a seperate player. The specs say that everything has to be embedded, with no extra windows opening.


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