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Re: Broadband in the UK

On Wednesday 26 January 2005 16:00, Ajitabh Pandey wrote:
> Hi guys,
> Lots of you would be in the UK. I am till now using a
> dialup connection of UKLINUX, a free ISP. I was
> planning to take up broadband at my home. I have never
> used broadband on linux (in fact on any OS). Various
> broadband provider in the UK like AOL, BT, etc etc
> give away free broadband modems also. What is the
> linux support for these free broadband modems. They
> all seem to be USB ones. Any suggestions will be
> highly appreciated.
> Regards
> Ajitabh Pandey

         hello Ajitabh,

               I am a UK adsl user, my isp provider is 
there is no download cap with this isp company and the serivce is wires only. 
You supplie the modem.
I have had no problems with this isp provider
I use a http://www.netgear.com/products/details/DG834.php
This product will allow you to have more control over your net connection.
Have a look on ebay uk for a netgear DG834 modem.

    all the best

                                      peter colton

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