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Re: Broadband in the UK

In message <3qY3O-qo-27@gated-at.bofh.it>, Ajitabh Pandey <ajitabhpandey@yahoo.com> writes
Hi guys,

Lots of you would be in the UK. I am till now using a
dialup connection of UKLINUX, a free ISP. I was
planning to take up broadband at my home. I have never
used broadband on linux (in fact on any OS). Various
broadband provider in the UK like AOL, BT, etc etc
give away free broadband modems also. What is the
linux support for these free broadband modems. They
all seem to be USB ones. Any suggestions will be
highly appreciated.

The standard line is 'don't even think about it'. Not because it can't be done, it can, but because using an ethernet modem/router makes life so much easier and more flexible. OK, it's not free, but you may get a cheaper deal on a 'wires-only' package. Someone has to pay for the 'free' modem.

Obviously UKLinux will offer help in configuration of hardware, but just about no other ISP will when they hear the word Linux, and you may need their cooperation to get a USB modem working. But even on Windows a router will make life easier.

Also, if (when!) you need Internet access for a second computer, a USB modem will obviously require that the machine connected to it is powered, an ethernet modem/router won't.

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