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Re: Lost MIDI after upgrade to sarge

On January 26, 2005 05:41, Spongebob wrote:

> >
> > To get the synth module to load at boot try adding lines for the emu10k1
> > stuff in /etc/modules:
> >
> > snd-emu10k1
> > snd-emu10k1-synth
> This seems to have done it. I have midi after rebooting. TkAWEMidi,
> playmidi, rosegarden all work.
> The only thing that's odd though, is that in the kde control panel for
> sound, the "test midi" button doesn't give me anything "test audio" works.
> It's no big deal, but I like to know why something's not working.

You are not alone it has never worked for me either -- everything else works 
correctly though, even the kde midi apps such as kmid.


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