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Re: source packages

Thanks, that was a nice and usefull tutorial on subject.

I would not file wishlist bug, I have noticed on debian packages site
that other people had same request for Heimdal package, but that there
is (was?) problem building it agaist ldap libraries, and that maintainer
thinks that having ldap backend for Kerberos is not good idea.
I didn't test it yet so I can not tell if he is right.

It's really off the topic, but if I would have one wishlist bug to file
against Debian or most of the distros I know is that there is not simple
streamlined way to set up simple directory server.

It would be nice to have "Directory  server" and "Directory/network
client" options in tasksel during instalation, that would install
somethig (LDAP or maybe (I wish) Krb5+LDAP) on server and configure
clients appropriately.
Like when you istall exim or postfix, you get basic (and safe) setup
solved with few question, and then you can carry on yourself if you want
something that fits your special needs.
It is easy to replace Windows web,ftp,mail, dhcp, dns,..servers with
Debian, but when it comes to creating simple network with centralized
user administration for loging and other services, including secure file
sharing then you are pretty much on you own. It is far from impossible,
there are actually (to) many ways to do it, but it is so common scenario
that it would be nice to have agreement on what should "Directory
server/client" be, and that should be in tasksel.

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