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source packages

Suppose there is binary package that is built without some option (i.e
--without-ldap) and I would like to have it with that option
Is there a way to apt-source package, change configure options and then
build regular deb package. I have found examples of dpkg-buldpackage,
but those examples do not change anything, so at best I would end up
with deb package same as already available on CD.
Should I run ./configure in source directory and then build package with
dpkg? I have noticed /debian/rules file, is that the place to change
I would probably have to satisfy dependencies manualy, but it's Ok, it's
one-time-only install.
And another question, I am 99% shure that heimdal package is actually
built with no support for LDAP (reading changelog, checking
dependecies), but is there some more explicit way to find what options
is some deb package built with?

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