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Re: Broadband in the UK

On (26/01/05 08:00), Ajitabh Pandey wrote:
> Hi guys,
> Lots of you would be in the UK. I am till now using a
> dialup connection of UKLINUX, a free ISP. I was
> planning to take up broadband at my home. I have never
> used broadband on linux (in fact on any OS). Various
> broadband provider in the UK like AOL, BT, etc etc
> give away free broadband modems also. What is the
> linux support for these free broadband modems. They
> all seem to be USB ones. Any suggestions will be
> highly appreciated.
Hi Ajitabh

I would recommend you get an activated ADSL line and steer well clear
"free" modems.  We've tended to use Vigor2600 ADSL modem/routers which
are c. £100 plus VAT.  There are cheaper alternatives such as netgear
but you want a 4 port router (ethernet) with decent integral firewall
and web administration interface.  Linking your linux box to the router
is painless with dhcp.

As far as providers are concerned, we use PlusNet; they aren't the
cheapest but we've had v. few problems since July 2002.  We have a
number of clients using PlusNet.  There is a good value bb service from
www.metronet.co.uk/adsl  which we haven't used but their associate
companies Just-the-name and Pay-as-you-host are excellent.  We (or our
clients) have had bad experience with BT and COLT; AOL's services
generally tend to be invasive and load unwanted software on your PC.
Whoever you use, make sure you get a static IP address.

HTH - if you need more, mail me off list.



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