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Re: Broadband in the UK

Matt Johnson wrote:

--- Ajitabh Pandey <ajitabhpandey@yahoo.com> wrote:
Hi guys,

Lots of you would be in the UK. I am till now using
dialup connection of UKLINUX, a free ISP. I was
planning to take up broadband at my home. I have
used broadband on linux (in fact on any OS). Various
broadband provider in the UK like AOL, BT, etc etc
give away free broadband modems also. What is the
linux support for these free broadband modems. They
all seem to be USB ones. Any suggestions will be
highly appreciated.

Just north of London, I'm using NTL cable. I have a
network card in my machine and it talks to the cable
modem via a cat5 cable. No problems for years.
Although some teething trouble to do with the service,
not the OS. Getting through to their help line *was* a
*joke*. Seriously!
There is no reason why it shouldn't work on Linux. Especially given that tcp/ip, upon which the internet is based, originated on Unix.

However, your ISP may well not be able to support you in the process, this is the issue you will have. They'll provide the service, but wont help you get it working on your system.

Really, it is down to the equipment you connect to their service. If they provide you with a modem, make sure it presents ethernet, not USB. Basically, you'll run a CAT5 cable between the modem and your computer, and that should be enough. It should just work.

If you want, you could plug a router into your modem (or get a combined modem/router), in case you have multiple computers you wish to connect.

As for getting a modem from the ISP, I personally wouldn't. You can go to www.dslwarehouse.co.uk, and chose a modem there. Install it yourself. But that's just me.

Regards, Upayavira

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