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Re: Exim only listening on localhost

On Wednesday, 26.01.2005 at 10:02 -0600, Nick Miller wrote:

>  I was wondering why my installation of exim4 is only listening on 
> localhost? 

It does this by default, for security reasons (anti-relay etc.)

> When I do an nmap on localhost i can see that port 25 is open 
> and I can send email. But when I reference it by it's eth0 IP address 
> port 25 is closed and I get a connection refused. I am sure one of you 
> has had this issue.

Do you want this machine to act as a mail relay for other systems?  If
not, then what you're suggesting doesn't make sense.  If that's what you
want, then you may want to look at the relay_from_hosts options in the
exim4 config files.


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