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Re: Mozilla/Firefox hang on print attempt

On Tuesday 25 January 2005 01:05 pm, Andrew Perrin wrote:
> Recently I've become unable to print from mozilla and firefox. Using
> print or print preview just hangs the browser, which then has to be
> killed. strace suggests that it's looking for CUPS, which I don't use
> - my printers are all on plain old lpd.  This happens both at home
> and and work, which suggests a moderately reproducible problem. 
> xphelloworld works fine, so the xprint subsystem is working. Both
> machines are tracking debian sid, kernel 2.4.24, firefox 1.0 and
> mozilla 1.7.5. Any tips?

Yes. Move to testing. Two weeks older for Crissake.  Your troubles are
your own fault.  The whole idea of Sid is that it's broken.

I use lprng.  In Firefox my printer is lp@:64
Try that.  daveA

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