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Re: udf file system

On January 25, 2005 07:35, Rogério Brito wrote:
> On Jan 25 2005, Roy Pluschke wrote:
> > My cdrw is on hdd and works well as a audio and data cd.  CD burning also
> > works fine using K3B -- the device file /dev/pktcdvd0 exists.
> You need not only the device file, but proper packet writing support on the
> kernel also. IIRC, packet writing was included in Linus's kernel quite
> recently (say, 2.6.10 or something recent enough).

I had used packet writing for quite some time on another machine. In fact if 
you xconfig the 2-4-27 kernel source packet writing is there albeit marked as 
dangerous (it has worked fine for me though).  This is the first time that I 
have used a pre-compiled debian kernel --- shouldn't the udf module that I 
load at least give me read support?  I can understand write support not being 
added in but I feel I must be doing something wrong with my debian 
installation procedure in order to not get read support.  I'm hoping I don't 
have to compile my own kernel as everything but this works perfectly now.

Thanks for your reply,

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