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Unmounting NFS partition in case of time-out?

Hi all,

Is there a way to have an NFS mount become "invisible" if the NFS server
doesn't respond after a certain time?  I'm not sure if the mount option
timeo=<time> does exactly what I want; it appears to just cause NFS
accesses to fail after the given amount of time.  Can a non-working NFS
mount even be umount'ed?

Basically I have a web server with only a root account, which has the
web pages NFS mounted read-only from user accounts on a file server.  If
the file server is running, access to the web site should show the usual
page.  If the file server goes down for whatever reason, I would like
the web server to display an error page that's in the filesystem on the
web server at the same place as the remote files are mounted.

In an ideal world the NFS mount would automatically be recovered once
the file server is brought back up, but I can live without this feature
(since if the file server is down, manual intervention will be necessary

Possible to do this easily, or do I need to hack up something with ping
in a cron job?


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