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Re: partitioned drive in linux. Windows gives me a phantom drive letter

On Sun, 2005-01-23 at 19:03 -0500, Spongebob wrote:
> This is really bizzare.
> First drive, hda
> 1       ext2 (1G)
> 2       vfat (20G)      D:
> 3       extended
> 5       vfat (20G)      F:
> 6       ext2 (20G)
> 7       ext2 (20G)
> 8       ext2 (2.8G)
> 9       vfat (20G)      G:
> 4       ext2 (56G)
> Second drive, hdd
> 1       vfat (5G)       C:
> 2       swap (2G)
> 3       ext2 (10G)
> 4       vfat (22G)      H:
> All of the vfats show up in windows, with the letters given above. 
> Additionally, I get an E:, with a size that corresponds to H:. I can acces 
> E:, format it, and even write files to it. When I reboot, the files are 
> still there. In all respects, it behaves like a real drive. But there's no 
> partition for it! Looking in linux, the files added to E: in windows aren't 
> there. Go back to windows and there they are. It shows up in the windows 
> System Information window with "logical information" but no "physical 
> information".
> Does anyone have any idea what this is about?
I seem to remember that someone mentioned recently on the list that
Windows has an unfixed bug: it creates a non-existent drive letter if
the last extended partition is not a windows partition.



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