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Re: partitioned drive in linux. Windows gives me a phantom drive letter

On Sun, 2005-01-23 at 19:03 -0500, Spongebob wrote:
> This is really bizzare.
> First drive, hda
> 1       ext2 (1G)
> 2       vfat (20G)      D:
> 3       extended
> 5       vfat (20G)      F:
> 6       ext2 (20G)
> 7       ext2 (20G)
> 8       ext2 (2.8G)
> 9       vfat (20G)      G:
> 4       ext2 (56G)
> Second drive, hdd
> 1       vfat (5G)       C:
> 2       swap (2G)
> 3       ext2 (10G)
> 4       vfat (22G)      H:
> All of the vfats show up in windows, with the letters given above. 
> Additionally, I get an E:, with a size that corresponds to H:. I can acces 
> E:, format it, and even write files to it. When I reboot, the files are 
> still there. In all respects, it behaves like a real drive. But there's no 
> partition for it! Looking in linux, the files added to E: in windows aren't 
> there. Go back to windows and there they are. It shows up in the windows 
> System Information window with "logical information" but no "physical 
> information".
> Does anyone have any idea what this is about?

In Win2k, there is 
  "Control Panel"->"Administrative Tools"->"Computer Management"

That presents a hierarchy, one of the choices of which is
   Storage->"Disk Management"

That is the "modern" equivalent of the old DOS FDISK.  It, or where
ever it's hidden in your version of Windows, should help.

Ron Johnson, Jr.
Jefferson, LA USA
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