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Adding User To A Group(s)-- How To

It's so agrivating to have to switch to Root/SU in order to dialup an ISP. I've been trying for a long time to add my user ID to the dip and dialout groups in order to do it, but nothing
works for me.  Recently found the usermod command and did the following:

# usermod -G "My-User-GroupID",dip,dialout "My-UserID" (My-User and GroupIDs is my username) The command conpletes without error output. The syntax is correct as far as I can tell from the man-doc and from The Linux Pocket guide. I then run groups and the output only list my orininal user group ID, not the dip or dialout groups. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? Also, when I run wvdial, pon or diald from the $ prompt I get either permission denide or you have to be a member of the dip group to use
this command confirming that usermod did not do it job.
Would someone please tell me how to add my user ID to the dialout and dip groups so I don't have to switch
identity to dial out. Thanks so much.

Leonard Chatagnier
PS-Please copy my email address.  NOT SUBSCRIBED.

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