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Re: PPP daemon dies after dialing into the ISP

Andreas Janssen wrote:

> Hello
> Vinod (<vinodlakshmanan@gmail.com>) wrote:
>> I'm using Debian Sarge and am connecting to the net through a dial-up
>> modem. I'm using kernel and tried connecting through various
>> programs as minicom and kppp. However after dialing into the ISP, the
>> pppd dies as soon as it starts. Why does this problem occur?
> Enable the debug mode in /etc/ppp/options, look at the output, post the
> parts that are interesting here. Also tell us the exit code ot pppd.
> Without this information, nobody will be able to help you.
> best regards
>  Andreas Janssen
I too use kppp, now this is a guess, but when I had that 
problem it was because kppp was waiting for the ISP to 
authenticate itself.  kppp would shut down because it was 
waiting for this authentification.

To verify this, can you connect from the command prompt with 
pon and poff commands?  If so, then the problem is with kppp, 
not your ppp.

To try my fix, you would set up a text file in the directory 
/etc/ppp/peers directory.  I call mine "luseropt".  the file 
should have the text "noauth<return/enter>"

Then in the dialer setup, under the dial tab, click "customize
pppd aruguments.  In that box enter "call luseropt". 

I hope this works for you!

Another thing about kppp I discovered is that it does not 
automatically execute the "ip-up" and "ip-down" scripts, which
some other (maybe future) software you install may try to "hook"
into in order to know when you are offline and online.  I fixed
kppp on this by clicking the "execute (programs)" tab and entered
"/etc/ppp/ip-up" in the "upon connect" box.  I also have
"/etc/ppp/ip-down" in the "upon disconnect" box.  I needed to 
do this so wwwoffle and noffle would work.

Scotty Fitzgerald

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