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Re: [Woody 3.02] can't find the source code of previoius version of Tomcat

Quoting Sam Watkins <swatkins@fastmail.fm>:

> I am forwarding a message from Jeff Chang which he posted only to me.
> It had some "funny characters" in it which I have removed.  Jeff, you
> should post follow-up questions to the list, not to individuals.
> Jeff wrote:
> ----------
> Hello Sam:
> Thank you for your reply and I really need help here. I was asked to find the
> source code of a list of deb package (in the attachment) and I am really 
> having a big headache on finding it.
> I have done seraches on internet net many many times, tried to use the
> apt-get 
> command, downloaded some of the deb srource iso. I still courdn't find
> them.
> Can you please help me out here?
> Thank you
> Jeff 
Go here:


Search for the packages you want and download the corresponding sources.
They have packages going back to June 2002 (IIRC).  Incidentally, did you
even bother to do a Google search on the package names?  The results for
the one that I tried (util-linux, with a filetype of deb) were numerous.


Roberto Sanchez

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