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Unofficial Debian User Forums

Hi all,

Debian & forums ?

Is there any intention to put on the official Debian website
(www.debian.org) a direct link towards the - for the moment - 
Unofficial Debian User Forums (http://forums.debian.net/index.php) ?

By the way, I am a 'happy' Debian user, but the lack of (link to) a
forum on the official Debian site, is a so-called 'missing chance'. I
refer towards the good and often used forums on the Gentoo and Ubuntu
sites ( http://forums.gentoo.org/ , http://www.ubuntuforums.org/ ), an
easy way to find back information, an easy way to communicate with
other linux users, etc.

>From my point of view, ... a real opportunity for www.debian.org !

Greetz, Jan

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