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mdadm sets up raid before my disk gets initialized

Hi all,

I've now gotten my RAID to a point where it works quite happily.
However, during the boot sequence mdadm starts up the RAID1 array before
my second disk gets initialised.

One of the drives is on an ST-Labs controller which I bought, and
another is on the on-board controller.  The ST-Labs controller comes up
before mdadm starts the RAID, but the on-board controller isn't
recognised until after the RAID is started (causing the RAID to think it
is missing a disk).

Can anyone tell me how to get the on-board controller recognised earlier
? - Both controllers are compiled into the kernel.

Alternatively I suppose getting mdadm to refresh the RAID array could
work as well, but that seems pretty kludgey to me, and my only thought
for that would be a startup script that ran right at the end of boot to
restart the RAID array.


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