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Re: free vs commercial

On Thu, 20 Jan 2005, John Hasler wrote:

ken keanon wrote:
Let's consider one aspect of software, i.e. technical support.
In the 'free' software world, this of course is done freely. You have a
problem, post it online and you may or may not get an answer. No one is
obliged to answer it within a certain time, if at all.

Where did you acquire the notion that you cannot purchase support for Free
software?  Not only can you purchase it, you can choose from multiple
vendors, use the available free support, or handle it yourself.

Yes, one the great things about OSS (that people are only beginning to realise) is that it is possible to "vendor shop". With closed source software the vendor and the product are tied together - throw one out and the other goes with it. With OSS any company with the skills can act as the vendor.

I endorse the ability of companies to be able to vendor shop even as one who provides professional support for OSS.



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