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Re: multimedia for lazy people :)

On Thursday 20 January 2005 0324, somebody named Stevan Kanban inscribed 
this message:
> I've passed trough quickly sothat i cannot give safe infos.
> Now, i've chosen mp3blaster and cdcd. I mean to see it deeply later
> because i need to encode from audio to mp3, 

For ripping CDs to mp3, I've used jack.  abcde is another similar program - 
they're both frontends to your ripper/encoder pair of choice.  (I happen 
to use cdparanoia and lame.)  jack (and I think abcde as well) can also 
encode to ogg.

If you're just encoding .wav files (and not ripping them from a CD as 
well), I'm not sure what the best tool would be.  I'd probably just use 
lame, but probably because I don't know any better.

> i want to test ogg, i would 
> like to see if there's a suite and so on.

A suite for what?  Ogg playback/encoding/etc.?  vorbis-tools provides basic 
commands commands for that (ogg123 and oggenc) - no fancy interface, but 
mp3blaster will play oggs, I think.

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