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Re: free vs commercial

On Jan 21 2005, Sam Watkins wrote:
> ken keanon wrote:
> > Let's swing to the higher end of the spectrum, that of innovation. One
> > thing that can be safely said about the 'free' software world is that
> > it has not led in innovation.
> Nonsense.  There are many highly innovative pieces of free software,
>   e.g.: TeX, Plan 9 (now), Inferno, GNU hurd, bittorrent, python,
>     wordnet, ...

I agree completely. Indeed, in an academic world, I see free software the
same way I see a theorem or a contribution to Science: you don't just
publish a paper for you to use the theorems there.

You want people to actually read your paper and to cite it and to
contribute back once they've gained something from your work. This way, you
also get "paid" in a sense that is, often, as much pleasing as an economic

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