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Re: free vs commercial

Carl Fink wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 20, 2005 at 05:48:50PM -0500, Adam Aube wrote:

>> True. However, if you ask a well-phrased question, provide relevant
>> information, and show a willingness to learn and work with those who try
>> to help you, the technical support on mailing lists like this is
>> excellent.
> My last three or so questions, on which I did my best job of phrasing and
> thinking, were ignored.
> I'm not angry at anyone, just saying that it's perfectly possible to get
> no help whatsoever.

That's why I used "excellent" and not "perfect". Sometimes well written
questions go unanswered - usually it just means no one knows the solution.

At the same time, the same thing can happen with commercial support as well,
so it's not a flaw inherent to this model of support.


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