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Making donation$ to Debian

I have several times wanted to make a monetary donation to the
Debian team. So I go the debian.org where I select

Link                  Action no.
(About) Donations       (1)
Donations of money      (2)
SPI donation page       (3)
Donations of money      (4)
Donate now (image)      (5)
Donate now (image)      (6)

And now, eventually, I am allowed to fill in the amount I want to 
donate. But for some reason and I never manage to complete the 

All the 6 steps above which takes me to places with a shitload of 
text, and since this is about my credit card, I feel inclined to
read through it (all). But, when I eventually get to the donations
page, I am left with an uneasy feeling, and I press "Close Tab".

This has happened several times.

Does it really have to be more complicated to make donations to
Debian, than to by a T-shirt from the mozilla store?


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