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apt-get selects pgpgpg instead of pgp-2.6

I am on sid and installed the above pgp version. 
(apt-get install -t stable pgp) (I really need pgp for the keys I have)

However I recently
installed sid on another machine and tried the same apt-get command,
now: apt-get selected pgpgpg.

Of course I could download the source, apply the patch install it
myself, I just wounder what did wrong. The sources.list files include
the non free branch. I sent a report to the maintainer of the pgp-2.6,
but maybe a bug report to the apt-get maintainer would be more

I tried to look up the pgp-2.6.deb file in the ftp servers but could
not find it, can anybody help me.


Uwe Brauer 

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