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Re: hde vs hda drive designation

Alvin Oga wrote:
On Mon, 17 Jan 2005, Taren wrote:

I have a situation where, when I installed Debian Sarge, my hd was 
recognized as 'hde' (as opposed to hda).

Everything works fine, as long as I boot from the original kernel from 
the installation media.
the kernel has an option "boot from pci" ( /dev/hde ) card first

The kernel I boot successfully from (2.2.20, which is the original kernel set up during installation) has no problem recognizing /dev/hde as the device on which my  hard drive is located.

The problem is that when I use a customized kernel, it is seeing the hard drive as /dev/hda, and panics.

I have an ASUS A7V8X-LA motherboard (the specs can be found here: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?lc=en&cc=us&dest_page=product&product=407672&dlc=en&docname=c00069442 ), which has onboard UDMA IDE connectors, which are being used for my hard drive (there is only one).

I need to find a way to have my original kernel (I recognize that I may have to reinstall from scratch) see the hard drive as being /dev/hda, instead of /dev/hde.

I think there may be UDMA floppy images somewhere which address this issue, but I've not been able to find them.

However, when I boot from a kernel compiled on my system, the kernel 
panics, saying that I need to 'append a correct "root=" boot option'.
lilo: root=/dev/hda1 -- or -- 
lilo: root=/dev/hde1 

Under the compiled kernel (2.6.10), my hd is recognized as 'hda', 
instead of hde, now.
not possible ?? or its broken ..

i assume your "hde" is plugged into a pci card and NOT the motherboard
My "hde" is plugged directly into the motherboard's UDMA port.

I doubt anything's broken.  This is a brand new system, barely a month old, and I've had no indication that anything is wrong, other than that precompiled kernels recognize my hd as /dev/hde instead of /dev/hda.

If I try changing lilo.conf (that's the boot loader I'm using) to 
reflect the 'new' hd designation of hda, but I am unable to run lilo, as 
it can't find the disk.
yup... its doing exactly what yu told it ..  but its not what you wanted
If anyone has a suggestion on how to get around this, I would appreciate 
their sharing the information.
yo'd need to give more info 
	- do you have a pci based disk controller
	- youwill need to enable the kernel option to boot off hde
	- some motherboards do not support booting from hde

if you have dvd, cdrom .. put those on hde
	- and if it doesn't boot from cd.. you have your answer

c ya


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