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Re: new debian user

Kent West <westk <at> acu.edu> writes:

> However, assuming you want your server to be more like a user's 
> desktop-style machine anyway, just:
> apt-get install x-window-system
> This should get you a basic GUI system up and working.
I suggest you just install xlibs and the gui applications you need, then use ssh
X11 forwarding (enabling it sshd config). Then on a box with X11 (windows with
cygwin, solaris or else) ssh -X to the server and start the gui application you

The application will run on the server and forward its display through ss to the
X   display of your client machine. Thus you will only have to look after the
security bugs of the few gui applications you use and ssh , not the whole X
suite (which has still hundreds of them).

The best is still to avoid gui applis on the server, maybe use a few CUI
(console applications, like mc) via ssh. The less you have , teh better for you
(behing owned because we like gnome on a server can be bad for a career, that
does not compare to the few pleasure a gui appli gives).


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