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Re: Sounds problems, crashing Firefox

Cliff Flood <cliph <at> cli.ph> writes:

> I'm having a quite annoying and productivity impacting issue with sound 
> on my workstation. (my $HOME/.esd.conf and $HOME/.asoundrc are attached)
> When ever I encounter a website that has flash that includes sound 
> (annoying I know) my browser Firefox crashes. My sound card (I have a 
> Dell Optiplex GX240) doesn't support hardware mixing so there's what I 
> think is a mostly working attempt to achieve software mixing in my .asoundrc

macromedia flash support esd as is. I use version 7.0 r25 (about:plugins in the
address field)

I tried your setup  (enabling dmix, starting esd via "aoss esd &")
and firefox does not crash (  mozilla-firefox         1.0+dfsg.1-2)

You can also try the "free" swf player. They are getting stable (last time i
checked i was not using 100%cpu all the time) and support pretty advanced flash
(but not the get the facts ads lol).

just in case:
Also i don t get why you use esd and dmix , they achieve the same thing.
I used esd only , all applications can work with it if you export:
SDL_AUDIODRIVER=esd (sdl apps)
by creating an ~/.openalrc file with  "(define devices '(esd native))" in it.

some java apps still requires esddsp (using kaffe maybe that s the culprit) and
still q3 and the like does not support esd though you can manage esd in their
start scripts.


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