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Re: fluxbox: Windows "disappear" when minimized

On Jan 17 2005, Peter Robinson wrote:
> However, when I minimize windows, they just disappear. I need to perform
> "restart" on the fluxbox menu to get things working again.

That's weird. I don't see such behaviour, but are you sure you haven't
changed anything regarding your theme? Did you try to change the theme to
see if the problem goes away?

BTW, nice choice of window manager. I only wished it were more popular.
The facts that it had a slit with auto-hide and were compatible with
windowmaker dockapps were sufficient for me to migrate to fluxbox (before a
small time using blackbox and hating it).

If windowmaker had a dock with auto-hide I could consider going back, but
since fluxbox is so fast and light on memory, I guess that I don't need to
change things yet another time.

And it seems that recent windowmaker uploads to unstable had some RC bugs,

Cheers, Rogério.

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