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Re: fluxbox: Windows "disappear when minimized

> [Monday 17 January 2005 10:53] Jon Dowland
>         (Re: fluxbox: Windows "disappear" when minimized):
> > > I have a debian sarge installation and use fluxbox as a window
> > > manager. Recently, and strangely, I have noticed the following
> > > problem: When I minimize a window, normally, a symbol should appear
> > > in the dock, with which you can maximize the window again. However,
> > > when I minimize windows, they just disappear. I need to perform
> > > "restart" on the fluxbox menu to get things working again.
> > > I treid removing and reinstalling fluxbox, but this did not help.
> > > There also doesnt seem to be anyone in googleland who has had this
> > > problem. Ideas?
> >
> > Check BTS, check an irc channel, if there are still no leads, file a
> > bug.
> I don't think it's a bug; I'd rather think he accidentally deleted the 
> window list (or whatever it's called) from his panel (or whatever it's 
> called).
> @Peter: did you try clicking with the middle mouse button? Is the window 
> you're missing listed there? If so, check your configuration... If not: 
> do as Jon told you to. :-)
> Cheers,

> Tom

-- oops (blush), I had accidentally changed the settings of the iconbar mode to invisible...
till now I was so satisfied with fluxbox that I never bothered to explore that part of the settings...

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