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Re: On Linux-friendly manufacturers

On Jan 15 2005, J.F.Gratton wrote:
> Well apparently, according to Thomas Winischhofer (author of the SiS
> driver for XFree), Sis is not *that* linux-friendly; go and see the
> introduction on http://www.winischhofer.net/linuxsisvga.html.

I tried to see the page you indicated, but it was not found on the site.
The correct page now is <http://www.winischhofer.at/linuxsisvga.shtml>.

Anyway, it's good to know that to be even more cautious when purchasing
hardware with Linux in mind.

The situation right now is not that good and I see that many large
corporations (like IBM, Intel etc) have divisions that seem to support
Linux and divisions that seem to not support Open Source Operating
Systems, unfortunately.

BTW, I had the impression that SiS was a Linux-friendly corporation due to
the fact that they have some developers participating on the linux-kernel
mailing list.

And, IIRC, I remember that Alan Cox said that VIA provided documentation to
their hardware for developers (it may be that it was under a NDA, I don't

> The guy is a an Austrian Lawyer who wrote the driver by himself with not
> much of help from SiS apparently. He's actually a proof for me that
> lawyers are not *that* useless :)

Heh. :-) In the same way that not all Computer Scientists are useful. :-)
If you are quite deep into the Theoretical stuff, you may not even know how
to use a computer, besides using Emacs and LaTeX for typing papers. :-)

But speaking seriously now, I think that it would be nice to have hardware
review sites that focused on Linux *with* Open Source drivers. Well, not
exactly Linux, but Open Source Operating Systems in general, since we may
want to go back and forth between them.

[]s, Rogério

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