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Re: /dev/lp0 getting deleted

On Thursday 16 December 2004 10:27 am, Sridhar M.A. wrote:
> Hi,
> I installed sarge on one of my machines which went flawlessly. Thanks to
> the team who have done a neat installer.
> Initially lprng was installed. I removed it and installed lpr. Funny
> thing is that /dev/lp0 was missing. So, I recreated it with proper
> perms, etc. On reboot it is again missing :-(
> How do I set this right? None of my other machines (~4) exhibit this
> behaviour.

I have not experienced that, but I suspect that it is related to udev. Check 
that it is installed on your system (dpkg -l|grep udev). If so, try as an 
experiment to remove it, and then mknod your device, then reboot and see if 
it is there,

I removed udev on my system because I use software raid and udev kept 
"removing" /dev/md0 and not creating it in time to allow mdadm to start the 
software raid on boot up.

I am still assessing the situation. I have had to create /dev/psaux by hand 
(mknod) to run X, I have had to create /dev/hdi to install a 3rd ide 

So Let me know what happens.


> Regards,

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