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Re: traffic shaping

> > On Wed, 2005-01-12 at 10:15 +0100, Bob Alexander wrote:
> >
> > http://lartc.org/howto/lartc.cookbook.ultimate-tc.html
> The measurements he makes (baseline etc) how they are performed ?
> A ping to one of his ISP servers ?
> In my case pinging my ISP mail server turns out an average of 35 seconds 
> (from Rome to Milan) with 0 packet loss.
> Doing the same thing while also downloading a full linux kernel at my 
> full DL bandwith capacity (800K) shows the average ping going up to 58 
> seconds and not to the incredible 2000 seconds of wondershaper example.

Try saturating your upload at the same time. That will really make your
ping round-trip latency explode.

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