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Re: [Fwd: Windows Key Mapping]

Hi guys,

I used to use the Windows key as one key but with the recent upgrade, that
has changed.

If I recall correctly, both of these keys were mapped to Mod_4. Now in the
GNOME 2.8, it is mapped to a Super_L and Super_R.

Can anyone help me on how I can get my old keys back?


I have this in ~/.Xmodmap

!! WIN9x  & menu keys
clear  mod4
keycode 115 = Super_L
keycode 116 = Super_R
keycode 117 = Multi_key
add    mod4 = Super_L Super_R

From a command prompt:

$ xmodmap ~/.Xmodmap

I have a no idea how gnome 2.8 handles mod4 so I am unsure what you
do next to specify actions w/ mod4+key.  I expect they have some gui config
app where you can specify keyboard shorctuts (?)

Once you get this to work you probably want to add the "xmodmap" command
to some X initialization file like .xinitrc or Xsession.

In case you wonder.. keycode 117 is the menu key. I use it as a "compose" key (Multi_key). Lets you type currency (and other) symbols or accented letters that your native keyboard doesn't have.

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