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RE: Stop Sarge Loading ide-cd

> One that I can think of is hotplug. If you have it installed, 
> check out
> the /etc/hotplug/blacklist.d. Add the modules that you do not want
> loaded there. Should help you avoid the autoloading of ide-cd.
Looked there tried to blacklist it but it still loaded.

I did however track it down. I had an entry in hdparm.conf to disable dma on
/dev/hdc. I need that because this drive doesn't like dma one bit.
As soon as I removed that entry ide_cd stopped loading. Unfortunately the
cdrom would then give errors when mounted.

In the end I've had to disable dma on ide within grub and then enable it on
/dev/hda using hdparm.conf  - yuk!!!

Any better ways of getting round this?


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