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Re: Kernel compilation error

I do have all the necessary packages. The thing is that I configured my kernel a couple of months ago (when 2.6.5 was the latest stable kernel version). It worked fine. Yesterday I found shfs module, and while trying to compile it I got this error message.

It isn't a "normal" compilation error, all the more, the message says SEGMENTATION FAULT, which means that something goes wrong, really wrong. I'm wondering if it's my gcc that's having problems. Might have to reinstall it, if that's possible.

What can I do to force the compilation with another version of GCC, I seem to have 3 of 4 versions installed (2.9something, 3.3 and 3.4 I think) ?

and of course you have all the packages needed to compile a kernel ?


module-init-tools ( pour 2.6 uniquement )

And yes, I saw that the compilation processus failed really early,
it's strange, it doesn't look like a wrong configuration with make
menuconfig, it's like a bug.

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