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Re: multiport ethernet cards

On Sun, 2005-01-09 at 10:10 +0000, Chris Evans wrote:
> In relation to debugging my DNS lookup woes (see other posts!) I'm
> going to buy a spare PCI ethernet card.  Since my firewall machine is
> tiny and quiet, it only has one PCI slot so I'd like to get a
> multiport, ideally four port, card.  Some time back people recommended
> the Intel Pro multiport cards but they were out of my price range
> except on Ebay (where I can now only see one two port card).  I also
> had a recommendation for Soekris who have 2 and 4 port cards at prices
> I can pay and say they have linux support (see end of post for spec).
> Does anyone have experience of these cards with Woody or have another
> recommendation?

While I don't have any experience with the NICs from Soekris, I do use
their net4801 boxes extensively at work. I've gotten them working with
both Debian and FreeBSD flawlessly. As the net4801 has 3 ethernet ports
I'd imagine they're based on either a scaled up lan1621 or a scaled down
lan1641. This is, of course, pure speculation but given that Soekris
generally makes very Linux-friendly hardware I'd imagine that their NICs
would be no exception.

Alex Malinovich
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