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Re: How to prevent modules loading?

hi ya rich

On Fri, 7 Jan 2005, rich wrote:

> How do I prevent a module loading at startup?  I have a prism-based
> wireless card, but have configured it using ndiswrapper so that I can
> use WPA.  Although ndiswrapper seems to run before prism (ndiswrapper is
> listed in /etc/modules) & therefore configure the card correctly,
> prism54 module is still loaded.
> How do I prevent this happenning?

remove any file that looks like its a prism modules in /etc/modutils
and update the modules.conf file with the update-modules script


the following is not the answer to your question but..

most people would kill to have your setup, where the prism based 
card is recognized by "linux"

wpa support is only available in 2 linux drivers ( prism-based hostAP
driver and atheros-chips madwifi driver )


ndiswrapper is used for all the other gazillion unsupported wifi chipset 
like broadcom that does not have linux drivers

c ya

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