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Re: How can I disable anti-aliasing of screen fonts in sarge?

On Friday 07 January 2005 02:23 pm, cga wrote:
> I have  a sarge system  where I initially  installed gnome. Apparently
> some fonts were installed  at that stage and seem to  be the only ones
> available even after I removed gnome, at least to some applications.


> Now these fonts  are apparently suitable for all occasions  - you have
> the  usual  serif,  sans,  mono,.. etc.  but  unfortunately  they  are
> anti-aliased to the point of being unreadable.


> I have poked  around a bit and found something  called fontconfig that
> seems like  a replacement for  the old X font  system (?) -  not sure,
> there is  some technical doc  available for  fontconfig but I  did not
> find much that explains what  it's really for.. Some applications like
> mozilla seem to be fontconfig-aware while others are not.


> Now my  question is how  can I  disable this anti-aliasing? Do  I need
> to  remove  the  fontconfig  package? At this  point  I'm  considering
> reinstalling  gnome,  reconfiguring  it  w/o  anti-aliasing  and  then
> removing it unless s/o could come up w/ a more sensible solution.


I was able to find references to all of your questions using the Google search 
engine.  Let me know if you need assistance after reading these.

Alvin Smith

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