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Re: apt-file fails???

David Dyer-Bennet wrote:
> Adam Aube <aaube01@baker.edu> writes:
>> David Dyer-Bennet wrote:
>>> After installing apt-file, it doesn't work; erroring out, in fact.  Is
>>> there some missing dependency, perhaps?

>> A quick check of the BTS ("querybts apt-file") turned up Bug #229540,
>> which may apply to your issue here - check it out ("querybts 229540").
> That bug refers to an entry in /etc/apt/backup.  There is no such file
> or directory on my system.
> The symptom, however, appears to be exactly what I'm experiencing, and
> I have in fact run the apt-cdrom command, so it's likely that this is
> exactly the problem I'm experiencing.  It's just, the workaround
> documented isn't applicable here.
> Making the obvious guess, and commenting out the cdrom line in
> /etc/apt/sources-list appears to have worked.  Thanks!
> So now, how do I report the bug against the bug report?

Install the reportbug package if it isn't already installed, then run:

reportbug apt-file

You can select this bug from the list of existing bugs and follow-up to it
with your information.


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