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Re: apt-file fails???

Adam Aube <aaube01@baker.edu> writes:

> David Dyer-Bennet wrote:
>> After installing apt-file, it doesn't work; erroring out, in fact.  Is
>> there some missing dependency, perhaps?
>> player ddb# apt-file update
>> Can't locate object method "host" via package "URI::_foreign" (perhaps
>> you forgot to load "URI::_foreign"?) at /usr/bin/apt-file line 189.
>> player ddb# apt-get check apt-file
>> Reading Package Lists... Done
>> Building Dependency Tree... Done
> A quick check of the BTS ("querybts apt-file") turned up Bug #229540, which
> may apply to your issue here - check it out ("querybts 229540").

That bug refers to an entry in /etc/apt/backup.  There is no such file
or directory on my system. 

The symptom, however, appears to be exactly what I'm experiencing, and
I have in fact run the apt-cdrom command, so it's likely that this is
exactly the problem I'm experiencing.  It's just, the workaround
documented isn't applicable here. 

Making the obvious guess, and commenting out the cdrom line in
/etc/apt/sources-list appears to have worked.  Thanks!

So now, how do I report the bug against the bug report?
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