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at is broken

After thrashing back and forth in man pages and at.allow and at.deny I found 
that at has a bug.

Now at that bug report there is a patch.  I managed to apply the patch but one 
hunk got rejected but that was for the change log so I imagine thats not 

So I think I managed to patch at properly, and in man dpkg I learned that all 
I need to do is dpkg -b at-3.1.8 and dpkg would kindly package all that stuff 
up into a nice pretty .deb and within minutes I would be doing important 
stuff like echo "ls" | at +1min
But dpkg didn't like the name of the debian directory, so I mv debian DEBIAN 
and now dpkg dosn't like the format of the control file at some blank line, 
so I dd that blank line, and now dpkg dosn't like depends $(  it wants 
alphanumeric. I'm not smart enough to figure out what I should do now.  All I 
know is I missed my critical ls that I wanted done at +1min.

Any ideas how I can fix at?  
Should I just change my username?

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