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Re: at is broken

On Thu, Jan 06, 2005 at 09:32:35AM -0500, Aldebaran wrote:
> So I think I managed to patch at properly, and in man dpkg I learned that all 
> I need to do is dpkg -b at-3.1.8 and dpkg would kindly package all that stuff 
> up into a nice pretty .deb and within minutes I would be doing important 
> stuff like echo "ls" | at +1min

To build a package from source, chdir into the package source directory
and run "debuild -b".  (debuild is from the devscripts package, the -b
means binary only.)  Don't worry when it gives you an error about
not being able to sign the package, that doesn't matter.

You'll have to undo the other changes you made, i.e. move the "DEBIAN"
directory back to "debian" and put that blank line back in the control
file, or better still start again!

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